Nanotechnology in agriculture has amazing promises as many nano systems could act as potential functional molecules such as plant nutrients, pesticides, fungicides etc. Nano systems can also be used as delivery vehicles for the smart transfer of functional molecules into plant and soil ecosystems. NanoVentions is involved in green synthesis of various nano systems that improve the fertilization process, act as plant growth regulators and pesticides.

Nano particles can be utilized to enhance the efficiency in energy generation in particular in solar panels. Similarly, nano composites have huge potential in water treatment and disinfection in a cost effective way.

Nano polymers have enormous applications in many fields from seed industry to paper and textile and could revolutionize the coating process.

IFFCO-Nanoventions aspires to develop innovative products in agriculture, animal health, energy and water sectors and we believe that untapped atoms could deliver sustainable outcomes for current and future generations.

We are an independent firm of technocrats offering a broad range of professional services using the fast-evolving nano concepts. With our dedicated and well-planned activities, we wish to create positive change in our environment with an ultimate goal of shaping a better world.

IFFCO-Nanoventions brings together powerful brains from a wide range of disciplines and motivates them to look beyond technological constraints.



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