Dr. A. Lakshmanan

Dr. A. Lakshmanan is an accomplished academician and researcher in the field of Agricultural Nanotechnology and Climate Change Adaptation. With over two decades of experience, he has made significant contributions to the development of nanomaterials and nanosystems for crop care, nutrition, and environmental remediation. Dr. Lakshmanan is currently serving as the Managing Director of IFFCO Nanoventions Pvt Ltd, a company dedicated to developing commercial nano-fertilizer formulations.


IFFCO Nanoventions Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore, India

Email: md@nanoventions.in

Phone: +91-9994666113

Managing Director, IFFCO Nanoventions Pvt Ltd,
Coimbatore, India


Agricultural Nanotechnology

Climate Change Adaptation


Biosafety of Engineered Nanomaterials

Crop Nutrition and Care


Over 80 research publications in peer-reviewed journals

Authored 4 books

Collaborative research with institutes like ICRISAT, IWMI, IRRI-Philippines, NIBIO-Norway, LU-Sweden, Texas A&M University-USA, University of Reading, UK, IPRC-Hawaii, NYU-USA, NASA-Goddard Centre-USA, and others.


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Usage of Nanomembranes and Nano Composites, Nanofold Inc Research Laboratory, LA, California, USA (2007)

Nutrient Management Technologies in Rice, IRRI, The Philippines (2008)

Climate and Crop Modelling Studies, University of Reading, UK (2008)

Pest and Disease Modelling, Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, Norway (2008)

Soil and Water Assessment Tool for Designing Best Management Practices in Crop Cultivation, Spatial Sciences Laboratory, Texas A&M University, USA (2008)

SWAT Modelling, Spatial Sciences Laboratory, Texas A&M University, USA (2009)

GHG Modelling, Texas A&M University, USA (2012)

Advanced Techniques on Transmission Electron Microscope: TECHNAI, FEI University, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (2012)

Presenting the Drought Policy for the State of Tamil Nadu, International Meteorological Organization, United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland (2013)

Integrated Crop Modelling, Colombo, Sri Lanka (2013)

Agricultural Model Integration and Improvement, Kathmandu, Nepal (2013)

Sustainable Biotechnologies, Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, Norway (2014)

Climate-Smart Technologies and Impact on GHG Emission, CABI, Switzerland (2019)

GHG Inventory for Agro-ecosystems, Linköping University, Sweden (2020)

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